Covid-19 Update

Dear Customers, Suppliers and Business Partners,

We would like to keep you up to date with the latest developments in our company. We currently do not have any plans to reduce our hours or onsite staff.  Our intent is to be vigilant but be present. We have identified and put in place contingency plans that would allow for the closure of the office if needed or required.  Our customer would still be able to reach us via phone or email with hopefully no interruption. We take the spread of the corona virus very seriously as a company and will keep an eye on its development daily.  The safety and health of our customers, suppliers, business partners and employees are our top priorities.  To ensure this, we have implemented the following measures:

  • We continuously inform our employees internally about the corona virus and protective measures
  • Employees will be required to submit to a temperature check prior to entering the workplace
  • Business travel has been suspended temporarily
  • Employees who have been outside of the metro Memphis area will be asked to work from home for two weeks upon their return and adhere to any additional guidelines put forth by the CDC
  • We temporarily suspended outside visitors to our office location
  • We have moved all non-essential roles to home offices
  • We are following the suggestions of the CDC and the WHO as relates to workplace disinfection
  • We have spent the last week putting plans in place to secure our supply chain.  These plans include:
    • Increasing our available stock to cover a minimum of 6 months according to historical purchasing data
    • Securing alternate suppliers for raw material
    • Continuous communication with international freight forwarder and customs broker to anticipate issues
    • Increase items produced at our facility in Memphis

We continuously check our supply chain and our production. Due to the unpredictability of the spread of the virus, both internationally and nationally, it is not possible for us to make long-term statements about the development. In the event of an impairment of the production or supply chain, we endeavor to communicate promptly to our customers. We will follow any additional guidelines put forth by the CDC. For more general information about the corona virus, see:

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