Food Grade

JACOB sets standards in food safety


As far as foods and other sensitive products are concerned, there’s no compromising: foreign matters are off-limits. This is where the JACOB FOOD GRADE line triumphs. It is the first modular pipework system to comply with the requirements of EC 1935/2004 and FDA regulations. With JACOB DETECTABLE DESIGN, no parts of seals will find their way into your products, as they are immediately detected and removed. JACOB ensures absolute purity. Anything else is out of the question!


Jacob Signet Food Grade
Suitable for contact with foods

Highest Standards for Sensitive Industries

When it comes to food, pharmaceutical and chemical products and other sensitive goods, the highest standards for safety and cleanliness must be met. JACOB meets this challenge with its JACOB FOOD GRADE line. The JACOB FOOD GRADE line is the first modular pipework system to comply with both the requirements of EC 1935/2004 and FDA regulations. Only products that are ideal for transporting hygiene-sensitive products carry our FOOD GRADE label. Our FOOD GRADE line is a modular stainless steel pipework system consisting of over 3,000 products that meet the high requirements of the food industry. We have carefully tested all components coming into contact with food and optimised their design and material.


Our FOOD GRADE line components coming into contact with the product are made exclusively of stainless steels featuring a minimum grade of V2A/1.4301. This applies down to the last detail, such as the smallest screws. Our heat-sealed U-shaped seals are made without adhesives. They meet the European regulations as well as American food standards and are highly resistant to mechanical loads, high temperatures, chemicals and solvents. Nearly all of our products are produced free of adhesive.

Our new DETECTABLE DESIGN line is the intelligent addition to our FOOD GRADE line. All seals in this product line are made of silicone which we have fused with miniscule metallic particles, rendering them detectable by metal detectors. Should a ring or just parts of one find their way into production, these foreign bodies can be eliminated reliably.


  • In accordance with American food standards
  • In accordance with European Regulation EC 1935/2004
  • Suitable for contact with foods
  • Modular stainless steel pipework system for the highest standards
  • Made of stainless steels with a minimum grade of V2A/1.4301
  • Over 3,000 products
  • Heat-sealed, adhesive-free U-shaped gaskets and ring gaskets
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