The Pull Ring System

QUICK CONNECT Pull Rings and Pull Rings without sealant

Highlights: The JACOB pull ring system is very easy to assemble and gives the tubing system its high stability and leak tightness due to its high-quality construction.

Both pull rings have been tested in conjunction with JACOB U-shaped gaskets.

The air leakage per connection, measured at a differential pressure of 7.25 psi – e.g. with a diameter of 12″ – is far below the admissible values of DIN EN 12237, class D.

Application: Up to a diameter of ND 12″, our pull ring system with a U-shaped gasket, if configured accordingly, is condensate leak-proof and therefore is ideal for applications such as extracting oil mist.

As a rule, our pull ring connections with a U-shaped gasket can be used for conveying bulk goods and for ventilation systems at overpressures of up to 7.25 psi, 197″ WC).

Vacuum applications are possible on request, depending on the product selected.

Pull Rings With factory-fitted mastic sealant

Application: The elastic sealant in the pull ring is EC 1935/2004 compliant and is food grade in the temperature range between -40°F and +212°F.

This pull ring is used for bulk goods conveyed by gravity and ventilation systems with low differential pressures and without condensate. For higher demands concerning sealing properties and the resistance of the connection, pull rings with U-shaped gaskets should be used.

U-Shaped Gaskets

Our U-shaped gaskets combine an ideal profile with the perfect choice of materials. The benefits:• Tear-resistant, FOOD GRADE and resistant to many aggressive chemicals thanks to heat-sealing

• Maximum tightness through an ideal profile

• Resistant to a broad range of substances due to large selection of materials available

• Metal-detectable and FOOD GRADE due to special materials (DETECTABLE DESIGN line)

U-shaped gaskets must be tested by the user to ensure they are sufficiently resistant to the working conditions. Our team would be pleased to assist you with selecting the right U-shaped gasket. We can send you samples on request.

Earthing Bridges

The innovative solution from JACOB for electrostatic grounding. Suitable for retrofitting to our pull ring system without welding and drilling. The stainless steel earthing bridge can be used as an alternative to the grounding wire or the conductive EPDM U-shaped gasket. Both versions of earthing bridge have been tested by DEKRA EXAM GmbH, a specialist unit for explosion protection.

Installation of Pull Ring Connections with U-Shaped Gasket

Pull rings are used in conjunction with U-shaped gaskets to connect tubing components and pressed components with a 0.24” lip. The use of different U-shaped gasket profiles enables the same pull ring to be used with 19 to 14 gauge tubing components and pressed components. To meet the different requirements of every system, JACOB offers a comprehensive and wide-ranging standard product line which covers most requirements.

General Installation Information on creating Leak-Proof Connections

• Repair damaged lipped ends (e.g. align)
• Eliminate any unevenness from the lipped end
• Assemble the tubing tension-free
• Ensure when fitting the pull ring that the U-shaped gasket does not bunch or fold
• Support horizontal tubing approximately every 13 feet. If there are multiple short tubing components in the tubing line, the interval between supports should be reduced
• Attach branch components so that they do not generate any tension in the main tubing line
• Tighten the bolts of two-parted pull rings evenly on both sides
• Re-tighten the pull rings after 24 hours to ensure they are as leak-proof as possible

Installation of Pull Ring Connections with a U-Shaped Gasket

Note: To connect JACOB tubing components with a 0.24″ lip. A U-shaped gasket and a pull ring are needed for each connection. You need a 0.24″ hexagon cap screwdriver to mount the pull rings.

Step 1

Attach a U-shaped gasket over one of the lipped tube ends.

• The U-shaped gasket must be slightly stretched to enable it to be attached

• The profiled side must face the tubing component that is being connected

Step 2

Position the connecting tube and slide one pull ring half over the lipped tube end.

QUICK CONNECT pull ring: First, attach the pull ring half without the toggle clip

Two-parted pull ring:  We recommend separating the two halves of the pull ring beforehand

Ensure that the tubing components are properly aligned and the U-shaped gasket is in the correct position.

Note: We recommend that when fitting horizontal tubing lines where condensate occurs, any points at which the U-shaped gasket is glued should be positioned on top and the connecting points of the pull ring halves should be horizontal. This ensures the maximum possible tightness at the lowest point of the connection.

Step 3

Press the second pull ring half onto the lipped tube ends.

Please note: When closing the pull ring, the U-shaped gasket must not bunch or fold.

QUICK CONNECT pull ring:

• Place the clasp over the closing hook and close the clip.

• To prevent the connection from loosening accidentally (such as due to vibration) tighten the bolt with a 10 Nm torque on the mounting face

Two-parted pull ring:

• Tighten the bolts evenly with a torque of 10 Nm

Please note: A bolt tightening torque of 10 Nm is necessary for the QUICK CONNECT pull ring, or 25 Nm for the two-parted pull ring, for shock explosion proof connection of up to 43.51 psi overpressure.