Quick Connect

Easy to install, maximum tightness

The Quick Connect Principle

JACOB tubing systems take less time to install than conventional systems. Using the QUICK CONNECT pull ring makes it even faster. It only takes a few quick turns of the hand to join two sections of tube together or to separate them again. This is a great advantage! This is particularly the case with tubing systems that require to be dismantled regularly for cleaning and maintenance.

Jacob Signet Quick Connect

Quick Connect Pull Rings and Pull Rings Without Sealant

Highlights: The JACOB pull ring system is very easy to assemble and gives the tubing system its high stability and leak tightness due to its high-quality construction. Both pull rings have been tested in conjunction with JACOB U-shaped gaskets. The air leakage per connection, measured at a differential pressure of 7.25 psi – e.g. with a diameter of 12″ – is far below the admissible values of DIN EN 12237, class D.

Application: Up to a diameter of ND 12″, our pull ring system with a U-shaped gasket, if configured accordingly, is condensate leak-proof and therefore is ideal for applications such as extracting oil mist. As a rule, our pull ring connections with a U-shaped gasket can be used for conveying bulk goods and for ventilation systems at overpressures of up to 7.25 psi, 197″ WC). Vacuum applications are possible on request, depending on the product selected.

Quicker Assembly
Reduced Inventory
Reduced Planning

Your assembly times will drastically decrease with the new Quick Connect Pull Ring. The wide open profile noticeably simplifies installation with the U-shaped seal. The pull ring bolt is factory preset to positively engage with the tube flange, ensuring fast toggle-clip closure. If necessary, the bolt can be tightened further after installation to increase the connection strength and tightness.

Reduce the size of your inventory with the new Quick Connect Pull Ring as it combines the advantages and functions of two existing types of pull rings. Its stability and sealing properties are as good as those of the two-part pull ring. Because the new pull ring can be easily adjusted, it can be fitted more quickly than the previous quick release pull ring. One pull ring for all situations!

Reduce the amount of planning with the universal Quick Connect Pull Ring. No need to choose between a quick-fit or airtight and stable solution. With the new pull ring, all tubing and parts are installed in the blink of an eye – with the excellent sealing properties and strength that you would expect from Jacob components. Dismantling is just as quick and easy, adding to its versatility.

Quick, flexible assembly combined with
U-Shaped Gaskets - the Benefits
  • Tear-resistant, FOOD GRADE and resistant to many aggressive chemicals thanks to heat-sealing
  • Maximum tightness through an ideal profile
  • Resistant to a broad range of substances due to large selection of materials available
  • Metal-detectable and FOOD GRADE due to special materials (DETECTABLE DESIGN line)
Jacob U-shaped gaskets