Detectable Design

For Increased Safety


Foreign particles in a product are not acceptable in many industry sectors. Up to now, it was practically impossible to trace gaskets and seals, or even just parts of them, in the product flow. JACOB has succeeded in incorporating minuscule particles in the compound that the gaskets or seals are made of.

If gaskets or seals get into the product flow, such as during maintenance work, these can now be reliably detected by metal detectors and then removed. This makes the DETECTABLE DESIGN range an indispensable safety factor.

Jacob Signet Detectable Design
Added safety, not only for food applications

Gaskets with Built-in Safety

The JACOB DETECTABLE DESIGN series provides increased safety, not only for food production. All products in the DETECTABLE DESIGN series can be detected with standard metal detectors and comply with EC 1935/2004 regulations, as well as FDA standards.

Should the gasket or parts of the gaskets accidently find their way into your production process, they can immediately be identified by a metal detector and removed. Minuscule metal particles render non-metal elements such as seals, rubber covers and compensators detectable. Look for the DETECTABLE DESIGN sign.

Food Grade Line

The DETECTABLE DESIGN line is constantly growing. It includes U-shaped gaskets, ring seals, flat gaskets, rubber covers, compensators. seals for throttle valves, seals for two-way valves, seals for 2-way distributors, seals for pipe regulators and seals for turn-head distributors

JACOB sets standards in food safety. Our new FOOD GRADE line of products complies with both the European EC 1935/2004 regulations and the American FDA guidelines. All components that come into contact with food are made exclusively of high grade stainless steel.

Food Grade line

  • Large selection of u-shaped gaskets made of silicone
  • Can be detected with metal detectors for maximum product safety
  • Heat-sealed, adhesive-free U-shaped gaskets and ring seals, resistant to mechanical loads, high temperatures, chemicals and solvents
  • In accordance with FDA and EC 1935/2004
Jacob U-shaped gaskets