Jacob Two-way Distributors

The right way for your product: JACOB two-way diverters for every application.

JACOB has various types of two-way diverters available to meet your requirements: From bulk goods conveying by gravity to pneumatic low pressure conveying, JACOB has just the right solution in its product line for distributing your product.

FOOD GRADE: All metal components and sealing materials in stainless steel that are in contact with products are compliant with EC 1935/2004 plus FDA.

JACOB two-way diverters are available not only in a comprehensive standard range but also in a wide product range of special versions:

  • Electrical actuation
  • Other materials
  • Rotary actuators or cylinders at the customer’s request
  • Lining with a wide range of different wear protection materials
  • Welded-on flanges: in JACOB standard or with customers’ own dimensions.
  • Stainless steel in a pickled and passivated version
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