Jacob Wear Protection Product Range

Greater efficiency with the JACOB wear protection product range.

More efficient industrial installations lead to an increase in the weight conveyed by the JACOB tubing system. Therefore, we have developed the new wear protection product range. You have the choice between several branded products. These consist basically of polyurethane, but vary due to their different material properties. The products are combined with our modular tubing system. We offer you diameters 6″ – 14″ as standard. The advantage of polyurethane is its elastic yet wear-resistant structure. As a result, the impact energy due to deflections is absorbed and thereby extends the lifetime.

Due to the modular JACOB system, you can simply replace worn tubing components with lined tubes. You can still use pull rings and seals from the standard product range. To prevent separation of the wear protection lining, we have a transition component in our product range with a beveled lining which is fixed securely in place. It is recommended that this piece is used at every place where lined tubing begins.

The advantages for you

  • Wear protection in a modular system
  • Perfect for combining with the JACOB pull ring system
  • Flexibly replaceable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Longer lasting when conveying abrasive materials
  • Choice between several materials in the standard product range

DURABLE DESIGN Wear Protection Brochure