Jacob Flange Product Range

The entire JACOB variety – with loose and welded flanges.

The entirety of the Jacob variety is also available with a flange connection. Larger diameters with a high level of tightness are available specifically for large ventilation systems extracting dust, oil mist, or other condensates. JACOB’s range of flanges provides the ideal solution for this purpose.

JACOB flanged tubing is available in wall thicknesses from 19 to 11 gauge. Tubing components and pressed components for loose flange connections from ND 14″ to 49″ are provided with a 0.39″ lip. The flanges are pre-fitted and are connected with a U-shaped gasket, nuts, and bolts. The U-shaped gasket for loose flanges is fitted over one of the lipped ends. The flanges are then bolted to each other. Diameters 55″ and 63″ are provided with welded-on flanges in the standard version.