JACOB Silencers and cyclones – complete the functionality of the JACOB modular system.


In tubing systems, noticeable noise cannot be avoided. To get your production systems to whisper, we offer silencers with JACOB-compatible elements in our standard product range. Silencers are available in lengths of 20″, 39″ and 59″ and in diameters of 3” to 25″. They are made in a variety of materials with a wall thickness of 14 gauge.

The ends are lipped and are alternately available with a loose flange connection from a diameter of 14″. The sound-absorbing material applied on the inside consists of non-flammable mineral wool with a non-woven glass covering. As a component of the JACOB modular tubing system, the silencers are easy to disassemble and assemble for cleaning or to replace the mineral wool.


Utilizing centrifugal force, cyclones within a tubing system ensure that solid particles are separated out. Cyclones are often used in industry to recover raw materials from the production process or generally to remove solid particles before recirculating the air. Accordingly, the range of applications is wide. Our cyclones are used in the lumber, plastics, and tobacco industries to name a few.

Our standard cyclones are available in diameters ranging from 10″ to 39″ with lipped connections, and with diameters from 44″ to 90½” with welded-on flanges. For diameters up to 49″, the material thickness can be 14 or 11 gauge, and larger diameters are manufactured with a material thickness of 11 gauge. Cyclones are available in powder-coated or primed, galvanized, or stainless steel versions. Please note that cyclones are passive components. The functionality depends on the volumetric flow, the pressure loss, the material load and particle size.